What’s the plan?

Can't wait to see this. "Floating Tori Gate" here I come!

The plan is to take 1.5 crazy Negroes and .5 crazy Mexicanas on a trip to Japan from Los Angeles. I’m excited, worried, happy, and hesitant. We’ll be flying into Tokyo and staying in Ginza (the snazzy part of Tokyo) then off to Hiroshima where the good ole Comfort Inn will shelter us, then on to Kyoto to stay with a CouchSurfer (there may be a side trip to Osaka), and then back up to Tokyo.

Hoping to hit:

Tsukiji Market – who doesn’t want to get up at 8am in a foreign country to watch fish being thrown around?

Tokyo Tower I’ve seen the one in Paris, now I want to compare the two. LOL

Tokyo Disney Sea it’s my goal to visit every Disney property around the globe. 2 down. 2 to go.

Mazda Museum who doesn’t love the rotary engine? c’mon, son!

Peace Museum it will be the first nuclear site I’ve seen.

Floating Tori Gate dude, it’s a floating gate! ’nuff said.

Geisha or Maiko to hear traveler’s tell it it’s like seeing a unicorn…. lol

Mt. Fuji we’re there. Why not?

Earthquake Museum I know I’m weird. Shutty.

Japanese Mosques who knew?

Ghibli Museum it looks weird, interesting and fun. We heard about it from a CouchSurfer.

Temple of the 47 Ronin can you say, “awesome”!

Sakanouye no Tamuramaro Black Shogun

Hachiko (the dog that returned for 10 years looking for its owner) 10 damned years? You know I have to know more about this.

…. but first we have to get there. Wednesday we’re staying in Los Angeles so we’ll be bushy tailed and bright eyed for the flight, which probably isn’t such a good idea. Who really wants to be up for a 12 hour flight. I’m bringing the travel Scrabble, plenty of touristy readying material, and my laptop to keep me busy.

I’ll try to blog as much as possible “from the road”.



One thought on “What’s the plan?

  1. I’ve only read the first line of the first paragraph and I’m laughing–at 7:00 in the morning mind you! *o*
    Nice to meet the “Orey” in “Shorey” (love the pics) (:
    Have an awesome time and thank you for taking us along with you!

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