Blog #2 (Corey’s Perspective)

We arrived with relatively no real issues just a few slight inconveniences. The Post Office closed at 5pm, we arrived at 5:15pm, so we had to use the Post Office ATM with everything in Japanese writing…(hint: They say the Post Office has a better Currency Exchange rate than the multiple banks located in the Arrival Lobby)


You have a few options when you arrive, A Limo Bus will drop you off at your hotel for $30 (Its a 90 min. ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo), also, you can take the Narita Express for about $20 but you gotta know where you are going, or there are other trains that are even cheaper but you have to know your route… but whatever you do, Do Not Take a Taxi (we were warned of prices as high as $100+). We did a little research and found at the JR East office (Japan Rail East Office) Basement Floor they had a round-trip pass called the Suica&N’EX (Suica is the Metro card, N’EX is the Narita Express) that provides a ride to Tokyo Station on the Narita Express (and back to the airport when we leave) and a Metro Card (Suica) with about $20 on it for about $65 each. It seems like a lot up front but in the long run, it works out, instead of paying the Limo Bus to and from the airport and paying to get around on the subway, we were able to save a little. The ride to Tokyo Station went off with out a hitch and from there we transferred to JR Yamanote Line (Green Line) to the Yurakucho Station (1 stop basically) and took the Central Exit. All my research led up to this moment but online all it tells you is that its a 10 minute walk to the Hotel Ginza Daiei (but in what direction?). All this planning to get lost at the very tail of it, fed up, we just flagged down a cab who very politely took us around the corner for $9 (you win some, you lose some).


Not a bad hotel, just cozy. Front desk does not speak much English but they do speak money because he charged our card quick as heck (see Shay’s post). And now we are in for the night, I got a green can of Green Tea that was not good tasting (they don’t sweeten) but it was probably good for you (Whatever! says the American tourist lol) and we headed for the room. Time to rest up for adventuring tomorrow (so what its like 9:30pm, don’t judge me *Think 12hr flight*)…Stay tuned!



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