Finally Here

We’re finally here!

The flight was really good. Kudos to American Airlines! It took us about 11.5 hours to fly from LAX to Narita, but American made it feel like much less. They fed us two full meals (entree, desert, roll, salad, fruit or crackers, and gourmet cheese) and provided recent release movies (I watched Due Date), tv shows (House was great as usual), and video games (yea Tetris!) for free. I was also pleased to have a new pillow and blanket wrapped in cellophane.

We arrived in Narita airport and let me tell you they do not play about security. You have to have your fingers scanned and have a photo taken at immigration. I guess that’s why there’s little crime in Japan. They WILL find you! LOL Anyhoo… the plan was to stop by the Post Office and use the ATM to get some cash (yen) so we could take the train (Narita Express) to Tokyo Station. That sounds like a great plan until you realize that the Post Office would only let us take out 10,000Y which is about $150. Two round trip tickets from Narita to Tokyo Station are 11,500Y, of course. I tried to use my bank card with the PLUS, Coop Network, and Interlink networks to buy the tickets, but guess what? My card wouldn’t work! Thankfully, ya girl plans ahead and had money in two different banks just in case. We paid and were on our way.

Or not …

We made it to the train, got on, and realized that the train was going the wrong way! Fortuntely, there were some very nice Americans on the train that were able to point us in the right direction. No offense Americans, but when we got off I asked some Japanese folks just to make sure … LOL We got on the right train and made it to Tokyo Station, found the rail line for Yurakucho Station, and hopped off ready to walk to the hotel when we realized #1 it’s cold as shit #2 we don’t know where we’re going and #3 we can’t even find the hotel or street name on the maps. Bump it, we took a cab.

We get to the hotel and go upstairs ti our room. Corey chose this hotel because others that have been here said the rooms were larger than other hotels, it had free internet, and it’s located in Ginza (think cross between Times Square and Kensington in London). When we got into the room we couldn’t even figure out how to turn on the lights! It took us about 5 minutes to figure out that we had to insert the room key into the thing on the wall near the door. When we did, we saw this:

Very cute, but very small. Welcome to Tokyo!

Hoping to see the fish market, Tokyo Tower, and Temple of the 47 Ronin tomorrow. Wish us luck!




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