Saturday in Tokyo

uhhhmm.... lunch?

We were hungry, so stopped in a spot on the way to the Temple of the 47 Ronin to eat. We sat down and the waitress just stared at us.

So we stared at her.

So she stared at us and then motioned toward this machine. Now, neither of us read kangi and there are no English translations. We each chose a photo and hoped for the best! LOL The food was okay (it’s no Burger King! LOL) and pretty cheap. I finished about 20% of my order and left hungry. I should lose about 15 lbs. by the time I get home so I’ll look great for the summer season.

caption id=”attachment_40″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”How far would you go for loyalty?”][/caption]

My first words in Japanese!

When you visit the temple there are stalls set up for vendors on the right hand side. One vendor sold swords, postcards, children’s toys, etc. I decided I wanted a postcard that showed the ronin taking the life of the man that murdered their lord. Time to buy, but I wasn’t sure how my broken Japanese would be understood.

Me: sumi masin

Guy: hai!

Me: do ke desko (i remember “how much is it” because it ryhmes with “cuanto questa” (how much is it) in Spanish! i know, i know…. i’m a genius! LOL)

Guy: i don’t know the word for 100, but he said it.

When i went to get my money out, I guess the guy figured i wouldn’t understand what he was saying, so he said “one hundred” in English. I got out my coin and gave it to him.

Me: arigato.

Guy: arigato.

Nice! =)

The old and the new co-exist in Tokyo.

Cute little tourist trap.

We had a great time and didn’t have to spend any real money. The tower has an observation deck, but after going up in the Eiffel Tower and not being impressed, I figured, “why waste the money”? We wandered around the building taking a gander at the aquarium, Nipponland, Wax Museum, shopping area, and dining area. It’s a cool place to go for a few laughs. Each floor has different activities and themes. Each attraction costs about 500Y for adults to enter, but the aquarium costs 1,000Y for adults.

My first complete meal in Tokyo. Yum! LOL

I’ve never been so happy to see a McDonalds in my life! LOL It wasn’t that great (it was McDonalds after all) but it was palatable.

Crazy building in Ginza district 1.

Crazy building in Ginza District 2.


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