We Get Around

Wow, we woke up really early but we didn’t want to bus it during rush hour (but its Saturday, I know, Shay already let me know) but I seemed to be the only one concerned about being stuffed in the subway, literally. Good thing she was right, it wasn’t bad and now that we are Tokyo Metro experts lol, he had our sights set on Tsukiji Fish Market. Why? We didn’t know either, its really just a fish market, unless you are a sushi foodie looking for the freshest of the fresh (or stickiest of the icky depending on how you like your japanese food) there is no real reason to go to the fish market except to say you have been. Sorry, if I’m not too impressed and I was supposed to be (maybe we woulda did the 5am thing to watch them throw huge tuna around, but really its just fish!). Next stop, Sengakuji Temple also know as the Temple of the 47 Ronin who were forced to commit hari-kiri (ritual suicide) for getting revenge in bloody fashion on the Lord that killed their Master in cold blood (sounds like a movie right? no its real deal, they are buried here, all 47). It gave us a glimpse of Old Japan, right in the middle of New Japan, it was pretty interesting…I did not take pictures of their graves because who does that, I still have a shred of decency people. From there, we actually walked about 40 minutes to Tokyo Tower (Tokyo’s mock Eiffel Tower) and had a pretty good time, we had our first McDonalds in Tokyo experience, Japan learned well…except for their Big American Burgers (for real, tortilla chips and chili on a Miami Burger, huh?) Enough wandering, jet lag is starting to set in, heading back to the hotel for a quick nap before of dinner tonight with a couch surfing canidate that fell through in the last minute but offered us dinner…People out here are pretty nice. So far, so good.
Will keep you posted…



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