Greyhound, Step Ya Game Up!

This is the prototype (in my best Andre 3000 voice).

We took the Willer Express from Tokyo to Hiroshima last night/this morning. We left from the Willer Express Station in Sumitomo Building in Shinjuku promptly at 20:20.

Friendly, cozy, and efficient.

The bus is awesome! The seats looked almost new. There was a foot rest. The seats recline and the leg part (yes, that’s the scientific name for it .. LOL) lifts up. Get this… each chair has it’s own little shady thingee (I know some of you aren’t as well-versed in professional transportation lingo, so I’ve provided a photo.

Little shady thingee

The ride was pretty uneventful until we realized that we weren’t sure where to get off to get to Peace Park in Hiroshima. Neither of the bus drivers spoke English, but they were both very nice. They had to call the office twice (and a stranger had to step in) for us to find out that we should get off at Hiroshima Station.

We're heeeeerreeeee!

Long story short: take the Willer Express. It’s cheap. It’s comfy. It’s nothing like Greyhound.



4 thoughts on “Greyhound, Step Ya Game Up!

  1. STOP Scaring me….. Reading this post had my heart racing. I always thought if my life was different I would be more adventurous and travel more. Today I realize I’m cool with you sending me a post card. Lol – For heaven sake someone please get a digital voice translator please. Keeping it real I LOVE the fact that you are so adventurous and positive when traveling. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. we tend to get ourselves out of things we get ourselves into! lol

    the trip was really easy. know we know that it’s usually best to go to whatever station is the main station in the city because #1 you can get anywhere from there and #2 there will be an information booth with folks that speak English.

    we have been visiting pretty touristy places, so they are used to wandering (read: lost) people asking simple questions. lol

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