Hiroshima Castle

Today, we went to visit Hiroshima Castle. Um…. yeah …. awesome! The funny thing is that this wasn’t even on my list of things to see. We came all the way to Hiroshima from Tokyo (an over night bus ride on the Willer Express) to get here to see …. The Mazda Museum!

Most people think of the dropping of the world’s first atomic bomb when they think of Hiroshima, but not me … I think of rotary engines! Zoom, zoom, zoom! LOL

Anyhooo… we didn’t have anything to do on Monday (most of the museums are closed on Mondays) so we headed over to the castle. The main area is free, but the castle tower cost Y360 for adults and Y180 for children. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but for about $7 with 5 hours to kill, we said, “why not”. LOL We walked from Peace Park Street to the Castle in about 30 min, but it felt like 10 min. You’ll pass through the shopping district, a KFC, Subway, and various other buildings so you spend so much time looking at things that you don’t realize that you’ve arrived! You’ll have to walk through an underground tunnel to get there (it’s on a busy street) and when you come up you’ll see a huge moat and a wonderful bridge.

When you cross the bridge you’ll see a large building to your right. It’s free to go in and that’s because there isn’t much to see. It was cool, but I wasn’t impressed. We wandered the grounds and took photos of the area. Folks were walking around, eating lunch, and generally hanging out in the area. I could see the castle tower from across the street and wondered what it was, so when we realized it was a museum dedicated to the history of the family that created the castle in general and samurai culture specifically we decided to go in. I’m so glad we did.

5 floors of awesome exhibits, videos, and clothes, capped off with an awesome view.

So. much. fun.

You anger me. Yes. We must fight. Yes. Hmmph!


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