Almost Missed It…

Hiroshima was a blast, we have plenty of pictures and I saw another black couple at the Comfort Inn leaving as we were checking in (before that, I have not seen another black person since we got off the plane). Our next adventure was to take the bus from Hiroshima to Kyoto, the 3 day bus pass was a awesome purchase…It was about $235 for both of us together and it allows us 3 trips to whatever city Willer Express goes, the only other options was to get the JR Rail Pass for 28300 yen ($300 each, $600 together) which allows you to ride bullet trains and the JR Rail unlimited for 7 consecutive days. I can not lie though, being cheap has kind of worked out for us. But I digress, the bus leaves for Kyoto at 8am and we are up scrambling to get to the station when we realize this time there is no formal check-in, when the bus shows up, you just get on it. The problem with that is, everything and everyone was Japanese and none of these buses out right said “to Kyoto”. A Willer Express bus came but the driver said it was going to Tokyo and all these other buses were like Charter Tour Buses, so we were going around trying to squeeze bits of English out some very nice Japanese youth and a happily chatty Chinese lady when finally we were pointed in the right direction when the youth realized that their stop was on the way to Kyoto and we are on the same bus. Checked the clipboard and there was my name…just like that, crisis avoided.
Next, we are looking at a 5 hour bus ride to Kyoto which is a city that is suppose to be less metro, but more charming with plenty of shrines and temples. My goal is to visit a temple/shrine of what has been known as the first Black Shogun of Japan, Sakanouye No Tamuramaro, he actually called Kyoto home. He put up money to build the Kiyomizu Temple and is said to have been buried on Shogun-zuka (a large hill overlooking the city of Kyoto, which they claim his spirit still guards) whether it is official or not, it is definitely interesting. I will keep you posted!



3 thoughts on “Almost Missed It…

    • It was pretty surprising to read, but I’m glad that we did the knowledge before we went, because it doesn’t say much about him when you get there. It is interesting that one of the 7 Lucky Gods is Black and that particular one is at the temple …. I don’t know if it’s significant, but it’s interesting none the less.

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