Japanese Toilets

uhhm... what the hell? LOL

One of my biggest concerns while in Japan has been the Japanese toilet. I found out that there are three general types of toilets:

For women (see photo above)
For men (basically a urinal)
For everyone (see photo below)

Seat warmer? Yes, please!

I have watched video, read articles, and stared at the toilet for women, but I am still unsure of how to use one. Most of the places have the toilet for everyone, but many also have the women’s toilet. When I arrived at Hiroshima fresh off of a 12 hour bus ride and ready to go, go, go to the restroom I was dismayed to walk in and see the porcelain hole in the ground. When I asked the receptionist if they had an “American toilet” she told me that the last stall had one. Yea!

Or so I thought. The toilet was not facing the stall door, it was turned sideways. Now, I’m only about five feet two inches, but even I had my knees knocking against the wall trying to sit down.

When I’ve looked hard enough, every bathroom I’ve visited has had an toilet for everyone, but beware: the toilets in hotels and homes also come with spray-your-booty option, spray-your-privates option, sink above the tank to wash your hands option, and seat warming option. So far, I’ve only been brave enough to try the seat warming option. I gotta say, I love it.

I wonder if I can get a Japanese toilet in the US??


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