Couchsurfing in Kyoto

So, I didn’t want to share that we were CouchSurfing in Kyoto because I didn’t want you to worry (read: i didn’t want to hear any crap about it), but we stayed with a very nice older man named Mishashi for 3 days.

He is retired from a sign making business that he has passed down to one of his sons. The shop is on the first floor of the house while he lives on the top floor alone. His wife passed on 4 years ago and he’s taking this time to travel the world and meet new people. He’s been on CouchSurfing for 3 months and he’s already hosted quite a few folks.

Day 1
He met us on the 28 bus. Literally. We were supposed to meet him at the Guydai-mae stop, but he hopped on the bus a few stops before we got to Guydai-mae and said hello. I guess it wasn’t hard to know that we were his guests considering we were the only dark brown people in a 5 mile radius (we were in a residential not tourist area). He showed us to his home and set us up in a seperate bedroom off the stairs. When I asked him about Kokeshi Dolls for my aunt he suggested we go out and find some right then! LOL I got the doll and a few knick knacks for home.

Day 2
We rose early, Misashi reheated a Thai dish he made for me the night before for breakfast, and Corey and I headed out to Kyomizu Temple. We met back up for dinner. We made chicken tacos (yes, we found tortillas in Kyoto) for dinner and Misashi poured a kiwi flavored watery-type-jelly for desert.

Day 3
We went over to Fushimi Inari Shrine during the day and returned to have dinner with Misashi that evening. He made another Thai dish with shrimp. We shared photos and he was very enamored of a Japanese language guide that Corey has on his Driod. We also found out that his son made the boxes at the Love Rock shrine! How cool is that?

Day 4
We got up early to drop our bags off at the Kyoto train station so we could visit Osaka and catch the overnight bus to Tokyo on the Willer.


One thought on “Couchsurfing in Kyoto

  1. You two must open a travel guide service….. When I grow up, I want to be adventurous. My son LOVES your bloggs and ask me each day “what did shay do today”.

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