The Studios, as they like to call it…

As amusement park connoisseur, I had to check out Universal Studios Japan and Shay was gracious enough to participate even though amusement parks are not really her thing (except for Disneyland). First and foremost, they do have a Universal City Walk with a few American highlights (Bubba Gumps, Golden Spoon, and McDonald’s, I know, surprised Golden Spoon made it to Japan). On to the park, Shay touched on the particulars (price, rides,etc.) and well here are a few meat and potatoes…The Amazing Spiderman Ride was a 4D conveyor ride (think Disney’s Haunted House with 3d glasses), the reason I say 4D is because throughout the ride the 3D characters interact with you (like the feel of Spiderman jumping on your particular car and feeling heated air while Hobgoblin throws fireballs at your car) this made for a great twist. Next, Jaws was ride by itself, while in LA, it was a part of the Backlot tour and let’s just say its worth the wait. Many other rides are the same as in LA, Jurassic Park, BackDraft but in Japanese, no King Kong, Back to the Future (its closed in LA), Terminator 3D but in Japanese, etc. The only new rides were Space Fantasy and Hollywood Dream the Ride…

I rode Space Fantasy and it was pretty awesome, I have no idea what the characters were saying but it was like Disney’s Space Mountain in a spinning sphere craft with light shows in space and a big explosion at the end, as you are suppose to be reigniting the Sun’s energy, pretty interesting. I didn’t ride Hollywood Dream because the line was longer than a hour and the park closed at 6pm but overall it was a interesting experience (if you have $76 a ticket). This concluded our time in Kyoto/Osaka and the bus for Tokyo leaves at 10:30pm, wish us luck. I’ll keep you posted.



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