Going,Going,Back,Back, to Tokyo…

In Harajuku someone was actually bumping a rendition on Notorious B.I.G’s “Going Back to Cali” (which is a rendition of LL’s, but i digress) but replaced “Cali” with “Tokyo”…I thought that would be fitting title. We are back in cold ass Tokyo and our stop was by Tokyo Disney (I chose this stop because it is some what close to our new hotel in Shinagawa, Hearton Hotel Shinagawa). Quick checklist for next time if you want to fit in for Japan’s winter time, a sturdy fashionable coat (parka,trench, wool…I brought a hoodie, it keeps me warm but it doesn’t look like I change clothes for photos [I left my fly coat at the front door at home, not trying to stuff it in luggage, I know dumb!]), more slacks/chinos, less jeans (Tokyo is a fashion society where only kids wear jeans), a man-bag (all Japanese guys have man-bags), and a couple scarves (check and check). But I digress, when we arrived, we had time to kill until a 2pm check-in, so we forged into the city. If you can get use to the New York subway line, Tokyo Metro is some-what similar with color schemes and major stations that connect multiple lines, two days of riding and its easy, even in Japanese. We went to Shibuya to get photos of Shibuya crossing and the statue of Hachiko the faithful dog. Shay actually tried curry at a Japanese restaurant (Sukiya) and enjoyed it, its actually one of the cheapest places to eat if you like beef bowls and curry ($3-$5 meals). After running around, we returned back to the Hearton Hotel for check-in and the room is pretty dope by Japanese standard, its like the Hotel Ginza Diaei but more space. When in the room, we slept like the dead (lesson#1 bus rides make you tired).

Next day, our plan was to checkout the Earthquake Museum and then the Ghibli Museum. The Earthquake Museum was at the Ikebukuro Fire Station and was kinda interesting, I think it was something that Shay would probably go more into detail about. As for the Ghibli, it was suggested by a Tokyo couch surfer and it was more of a disappointment when we discovered that no photos were allowed. It was a quirky museum of a anime Japanese children’s story, which was totally in Japanese and not setup in Please Touch format, so it felt uninviting if you did not understand Japanese…this made for a short trip. Lastly, we stopped at Namco Namjatown in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, another quirky amusement location by the makers of the Tekken video game series but video games were not the focus of Namjatown. There were mazes, photo opps, food, and all around craziness here. We have plenty of pics because words could not proper express the sentiments of this place which only cost $3.50 to get into but you have to pay for each maze and attraction you want to experience, the full experience pass costs about $35. No full pass for us, remember amusement parks aren’t Shay’s thing, but it was quirky enough for us to roam around for a couple hours. Am I the only one who thinks it would suck for me to get a full pass and ride everything by myself, while Shay waits? I felt better with us just staying together. Anyway, enough fun, we headed back to the rest so we can gear up for Tokyo DisneySea tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.



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