Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

Before we arrived in Japan, I heard about a fire station in Tokyo that helped people learn about earthquake survival by providing an earthquake simulator. How awesome is that?!

We tried to go Sunday, but they offer guided tours only from 9:30am to 11:30am. We made an appointment and returned bright and early Monday morning.

When you take the tour you get to:
– Watch an awesome video about the Tokyo earthquake
– Learn how to use a fire extinguisher and practice with an awesome screen in the room
– Learn how to exit a burning building and get to practice by exiting a smoke filled maze
– Learn how to duck and cover while in the earthquake simulator room

It was super fun! I learned a lot and the best part is it was free! If you get a chance to check it out, please do.

Everyone learns what to do in an earthquake and how to help others. It’s a great concept. Does anyone know if we have anything like this in California?

When I say Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE! lol

10 earthquake tips and the viewing of the simulator room

Tips for visiting:

Take the Yarukucho line and exit at Ikebukuro Station. Leave from the exit near Luminare.
Walk towards Mos Burger.
At the Sukiya turn right.
The fire station is on the left hand side.
The Life Safety Center is on the 4th floor.
The people there don’t speak English well, but they are very friendly.
The video is in Japanese with English subtitles.
The training is in Japanese, but you’ll be able to understand everything.


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