Namja Town

When we checked in to our last hotel in Japan (back to Tokyo), Corey noticed a big sign that said Namco. That company makes video games like Tekken (fighting game) from back in the day, so we decided to find out if there was a museum/experience that we could visit. Of course there was! LOL

Namja Town is located inside Sunshine City (take the Yarakucho train to Higashi-Ikeburo. Sign will say Sunshine City at the exit). Of course, we can’t do right, so we got off at Ikeburo Station and had to walk to Sunshine City through the rain. It wasn’t far, but it would have been smarter to get off the stop before (Higashi-Ikeburo). Once you’re inside the complex signs will direct you to the 2nd floor and the entrance to Namja Town. It’s a really interesting place. I’m not really one for video games, but there were tons of things to look at, take photos of/with, and eat.

It costs Y300 to get in or Y3,000 for a pass that gets you in and gives you free access to about 16 of the 24 rides. We bought the Y300 pass and had a ball walking around.

This chair talks to you and moves when you sit it in it.

Making funny faces.

Wilding out! LOL

Getting down with his bad self! LOL



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