Tokyo Disney Sea

Sign you'll see at the Maihama Station exit.

Since we already have a yearly pass to Disneyland in Los Angeles we decided to skip Tokyo Disney and instead hit up Tokyo Disney Sea. Talk about a good decision!

Getting there
It was really easy to get to Disney from Tokyo. Catch the Yurokucho line and get off at Maihama Station. From there you walk over to the Disney train system which costs Y200 each way. Yep, you read that correctly. You have to pay to use the Disney trains. At least if you have the Suica card you can use the money on your card to pay for the ride.

Disney train cost Y200 each way


Map of the Tokyo Disney Sea Park

First of all, it’s beautiful. They put a lot of money into creating great architecture that really makes you feel like you’re in on the “ports”. Take a look at some of the great-looking “ports”:

Arabian Sea Port

Mysterious Island Port

Mermaid Lagoon Port

More Mermaid Lagoon Port

Lost River Delta Port

Journey to the Center of the Earth ride

Every port has a different type of popcorn. We tried black pepper and caramel, but they also had milk tea, curry, etc. The black pepper was surprisingly good. We had some twice. They had churros (yea!) but they were hard and had some kind of filling in them (what the hell? lol).

They also had some chicken that looked great and smelled awesome. It’s sold in the Lost River Delta and everyone was eating it. I guess looking good does not equal tasty. LOL We each ordered one, but the skin was on it and the meat was a bit rubbery.

We had “lunch” at Vulcania Restaurant in Mysterious Island. Expensive! It’s a Chinese cafeteria style restaurant. We chose it because it seemed familiar, but I learned that I don’t know anything about Chinese food! LOL It was tasty, but I was salty because it cost so much.

All things considered, I had a great time. Some things were familiar, but different and some things were totally new. I’m glad I went.


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