Feeding the Animals at Safari Park in OH

20150714_163341Since one our party’s passport didn’t arrive in time, we couldn’t go from Detroit to Toronto and ended up driving all the way around Lake Erie up to Niagra Falls. While figuring out what to do we found a safari park in OH for $8 pp in OH. It’s $8 so why not try it?

We left Detroit in the morning and stopped at the African Safari Wildlife Park in the afternoon. It’s a drive-through animal park where you can feed the animals. Since animals are used to being fed from visiting cars, they will quickly surround your car if given the chance. I’m not sure why they call if an “African safari park” because most of the animals are llamas and deer, but it was fun none the less. Our toddler (15 month old) had a great time seeing everything from his rear-facing car seat. The giraffe will even bend down and look into your car windows!

On top of the drive through portion of the park, there is also a small walk through portion with monkeys, kangaroos, birds, etc. At the southernmost end, there is a very small amphitheater where animal shows are put on every few hours. Our show had a bird, a snake and an alligator. It was more fun than I thought that it would be and it only cost $8. I’d go again if I had the chance.




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