US Airways NOT Family Friendly

20150719_092815This summer we had an ambitions plan to fly to Chicago, Atlanta, DC and South Africa. We were planning on buying so many tickets that I wanted to get the tickets as cheaply as possible so I did the unthinkable ….  I searched for ANY carrier and went with the cheapest one: US Airways.

I hadn’t flown US Airways before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since American just bought them on the way to Chicago we got booked on an American flight and things went well. I’m used to flying Southwest so when we arrived we went to check in and get the baby a boarding verification document. While standing in line a helper told me that we could get our boarding passes AND add the baby at the kiosk. Whoo hoo!

On the way back home we actually flew on US Airways (leaving from O’Hare) and it was a whole different experience.

We thought we’d try to use the kiosk and found out that you can’t do that on US Airways. We waited in line for about 10 to 15 minutes before standing on front of Lorraine. She asked us if we already had boarding passes (we didn’t print them because they print them again with the baby’s each time we’ve done it) and seemed displeased that we didn’t have them. Then she seemed displeased that we hadn’t added the baby as an infant passenger. It seemed like she wasn’t happy with us at all.

When we finally got through TSA and made it to the gate, we realized that US Airways does not offer family boarding.  *blank stare* People with kids are annoying as hell (I know, I’m one of them) because there are always too many items and too much attitude (usually from squirrely kids) to board the plane in one smooth motion. We babywear which means that we have to #1 put the carry on that will go under seat down #2 get the backpack off of my back #3 squeeze into the seat #4 grab items from the first point that I mentioned #5 Take a breath #6 buckle in. It’s NOT a smooth process and giving families a few extra moments to get settled in without making other passengers hover while families frantically try to get into small seats with children in tow.

The flight was uneventful, but the ticketing and boarding process made me never want to take a US Airways flight again (too bad I bought our Atlanta tickets on them too) . Perhaps things will improve on October after American takes over.



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