5 Things to Do in Alexandria, Louisiana

Alexandria-LAWe’re visiting folks in Alexandria, Louisiana so I decided to share a few things to do while in town.

#1 Tioga Heritage Park and Museum This building served as department store, grocery, post office and general gathering place for decades and was the defining landmark in this little mill town built to house lumber workers and their families. In operation for nearly a century, it finally went out of business in the early 1980s and has been carefully preserved since then.

#2 Tabasco Pepper Sauce at Avery Island It’s actually closer to New Orleans, but it’s so strange and interesting that I had to include it. It costs $1 to get on the island, but the tour is free. Tours leave from the General Store at 1pm Monday through Thursday. You have to email to reserve a space on the tour. Tabasco sauce was created in Mexico and sold to a Maryland farmer in 1868.

#3 Alexandria Zoo It costs $7.50 per adult and kids 3 & under are free.

#4 Epps House: Solomon Northrup’s Gateway to Freedom You remember the movie 12 Years a Slave? Well, now you can see the home that Solomon built and find out a bit more about his experience being enslaved on a plantation in Louisiana. The house was moved several times from north Louisiana and now resides on the LSU campus.

#5 Frogmore Plantation This scares me, “Guides relate historical cotton and the lives of slaves and sharecropping through the 1960’s. Included is Louisiana’s unique legal system.”

#6 Louisiana History Museum Why are no dinosaur bones found in Louisiana? Come find out for free at the Louisiana History Museum.


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