Lambarena – Bach to Africa

Lambarena-Feijoo-SistersI just learned of this ballet that blends classical music and African music from Sesame Street. It looks amazing and I’d love to see the whole thing. If anyone knows of where this ballet is being danced, please let me know.


From the Huffington Post

At the beginning of the segment, now available on YouTube, Zoe wonders if the dance she knows as “The Lambarena” (emphasis on “lamb”) is the same dance her two internationally famous friends will perform. “It goes like this,” says Lorena. The music is taken from Track 7 of the CD, beginning with the whimsical measures of Bach’s Prélude de la Partita pour violon no.3. Zoe is awestruck. Lorna and Lorena are beautifully costumed, they dance in perfect unison, and Hervé Cavelier’s violin solo sounds like Heaven itself. A few measures later, the music shifts to the percussions of the Elugu Ayong ensemble and the lively melody from Gabon, “Pepa Nzac Gnon Ma”.



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