Six Flags Over Texas With Toddler

PART_1438522322541Today we went to Six Flags Over Texas with our 15 month old. We decided to go at the end of July …. bad idea. It was about 95 Degrees at 10am. It was 100 degrees by the time we left at 1pm. Ugh …

Because we arrived so early, we had to wait in line behind a little chain near Bugs Bunny World until precisely 10:30am. The lady removed the 20150731_110431chain and there was a mad dash to the rides. We waited for the more excited folks to run off and then sauntered over to Batman Superman Battle for Metropololis. It’s a 4D ride like Transformers at Universal Studios and The Crakken at Knotts Berry Farm. You get into a little car and grab your 3D glasses and gun. The car moves through the ride while you shoot at the bad guys. They said that the baby was too small to get on the ride (though he rode The Crakken) so we did parent switch.

After that we headed toward the train in Boom Town, but it wasn’t open yet. We walked back towards Bugs Bunny World because the baby really enjoyed the last playground. He wasn’t so taken with this playground. This playground did have Bugs Bunny feet and Daffy Duck feet that you can take a photo in. There’s a cute little background for eat set of feet too. I wish there had been some props, but hey …   *shrugs*

There is a baby center once you walk across the bridge near the bathrooms. We sat in there for a while and let the baby play with the balls and blocks. Since it wasn’t that cool, we sat for a bit and then ventured on. We wanted to visit Texas (it seemed like there were lots of rides the baby could get on) but we wanted to ride the train first.PART_1438522269488

We went back to Boom Town and sat on the benches to wait for the train. Once the train arrived, people stood up but we didn’t realize that a line was forming. We made it on to the train but we ended up being one of the last to enter though we were one of the first people waiting. Once the train started moving we found out that it was going to …. Texas! Perfect.


Now THIS is a mister! Lol

The train ride has a little audio tour of the “towns” the train goes through. It’s pretty cute. We exited the train and started walking. The misters are WAY better on this side of the park. We found a cute little ride that looked like a sombrero and decided to ride it. It was way more wild than we thought! The little sombrero goes around and up and down and tilts …. and the baby wasn’t enjoying it. He didn’t cry but his face didn’t look pleased. Lol

By this time it was really hot, so we decided to leave. We might have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t so hot. Overall it wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad. We’d return if we were in town and it was a bit cooler. The highlights are below.

The good:

There are baby centers in the park.

Some consideration has been given to the heat.

There are rides that the baby could get on.

There is a large park for toddlers and kids.

There is a whole play area with rides for small children.

The bad:

More could be done to accommodate small children in the heat.

Some rides need to have the height restrictions reevaluated.




Our tips:

Go right at opening time. The lines are short and the heat is not as unbearable.

Locate all of the baby centers. They aren’t really cool, but they are cooler than being outside and they have toys to entertain the kiddies.

Take advantage of parent switch so both parents can ride.

Bring a liquid receptacle. All food spots will give free ice and water.




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