My $286 Travel Mistake. Ouch!

Mistake-Buy-NowWe travel. A lot.

When we found a deal to South Africa on Virgin that took us from Washington DC to SA through a 16 hour layover in London we were ecstatic. We only had one problem: how to get to DC for cheap. Since we travel so much we have points with a few different airlines. I was able to use our points to get myself a free roundtrip ticket from Las Vegas to DC on Southwest and my partner a roundtrip ticket  from Las Vegas to DC for $88 using a combination of points and money on Southwest. Score!

We bought our tickets in May and we were set … until my partner realized YESTERDAY that his ticket was for 8/5 NOT 8/6! Eek! When we called to push it back a day they said that we’d have to buy new tickets using today’s rates and use points like we did the first time. The cost would be almost $400. Um no …  we’ll find a different way.

After we hung up we went to Priceline and found one-way tickets for as low as $175 but that would mean that he wouldn’t be on the same flight as us and he’d arrive at a different time. Flying alone with a toddler? No thank you. We decided to cancel the original one-way fare with Southwest and purchase a one-way like it was a new purchase. It ended up costing us $286.

I’m mad that I made a mistake that neither of us caught for two, almost three, months. I’m mad that I had to spend $286 that I would have preferred to use in South Africa. I’m mad that Southwest wouldn’t work with us to push back the flight one day for free.

I’m glad that we had the money to make the change and I’m glad that this is one of the biggest problems in my life right now. We’re okay. See you in the funny papers.


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