Traveling With a Toddler (That We Adopted) to South Africa

South-Africa-FlagNew rules governing the travel of children says that all children must have an “unabridged” birth certificate to enter South Africa that states the parentage of the child. Well, crap!

Any official document (Example: identity document or passport issued by the relevant authority of any country) or letter issued by a foreign government (including a foreign embassy) or a letter issued by the Director-General of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, recording the identity of the parents of a child shall be accepted in lieu of an Unabridged Birth Certificate. These instruments shall serve to identify the parents of the child intending to travel through a port of entry of the Republic.

We do have his original birth certificate, but our names are obviously not on it. We haven’t received the amended birth certificate yet. We have his original birth certificate and his adoption paperwork. We’re going to try visiting the South African Embassy in Washington DC to get a letter so we can enter the country. Does anyone have any other advice?


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