From LA to Las Vegas … on the MegaBus

The MegaBus chillin' in Barstow at a rest stop.

The MegaBus chillin’ in Barstow at a rest stop.

I had the bright idea to book the cheap flight out of Las Vegas and take the MegaBus up to Las Vegas. The seats were cheap. We paid $11 per seat at the table on the first level so … why not, right? WRONG! Lol

It was pretty simple to go online and book. We paid for our tickets and showed up the bus depot about 30 minutes before our departure time. When the bus pulled up, the driver had a really strong accent and we couldn’t understand some of what he was saying. He let a lady and her brood get on first. Then an older woman. Then me with the baby in the mei tei on my front. We bought two tickets so he clicked off the baby and I and looked perplexed when my partner got on too. Come to find out that 1) every person on the bus needs to buy a seat …. because 2) every child needs to be in a car seat.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it sounds like a no-brainer. Of COURSE kids should be in car seats. We spent good money to buy the “good carseat” because we know how important it is for children under two to ride rear-facing. We know that …. and we still didn’t think about it when it came to getting on the bus. We were able to ride, but I would have preferred to know that before, or at least while, I was buying the tickets online.

Anyhoo …  we got on and sat in our reserved seats 66 and 67 at the little table behind the driver on the first level. Good things to know: the outlets are below the seats on that side, you’ll be sharing the table with whomever booked the table seats there are 4 seats to a table), the internet doesn’t allow video streaming and the air conditioning is a joke.

Coming to Las Vegas it was about 100 degrees and everyone on the bus was sweating. The bus driver said that he couldn’t control the air. My toddler sweated so much that he finally just went to sleep.

Overall, the ride was about what I expected for the money. You can’t spend $11 on a seat on a bus and expect opulence! Lol We have to take the MegaBus back down to Los Angeles so perhaps the next experience will be different. We’ll let you know.



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