Equivalency Document in Lieu of Unabridged Birth Certificate

Equivalency-Document-Required.fwThe saga continues ….

Today we went to the South African Embassy in Washington DC to find out if the paperwork that we have it okay to take the toddler we just adopted into South Africa or not. We have:

  • South-Africa-FlagOriginal birth certificate (the amended one hasn’t arrived yet)
  • Everyone has a passport
  • Adoption paperwork

We arrived at the office and gave our paperwork to the receptionist. He took the paperwork back to  ….  someone. That someone was a very nice lady that wasn’t sure if our documents were okay or not. She asked us a few questions and returned to the back. She returned to us and said that we needed a document that listed all of our names and passport numbers and the date and was signed by a notary public. She showed me an example. It looked like a regular letter that I could type up at home. I asked if there was something special about the form she wanted us to download from the internet. She looked at me. I asked her if it was on letterhead or something. She said, “Yes”. This is the equivalency document form for South Africa.  *blank stare*

20150807_122016I get home and look for it. I find it, but I also find this on their Facebook page:

I must reiterate that where both parents are travelling with valid passports and visas the unabridged birth certificate is not a requirement since these additional documents would have been provided when applications were made for passports and visas.

Clear as mud, no? I’m considering returning to the embassy next week just to make sure.



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