Why We’re Taking Our Baby Around the World

Why Were Taking Our Baby Around the World.fwI just read The Secret to Raising Happy Children and it explains perfectly why we’re taking our baby around the world. She writes:

 … living doesn’t begin when you’re 18 no more than it begins at 65.


When people hear that we’re taking our baby on flights, staying in hotels and eating different things we get responses like:

  • He won’t remember anyway.
  • You should wait until he’s older.
  • But ________ country has _________ and you won’t be safe.

What people don’t realize is that everything about our experiences informs us. He may not specifically remember that Tuesday in South Africa or that Saturday in Brazil, but he is taking everything in. He’s hearing voices and rhythms of speech. He smelling new smells. He’s tasting new  …  tastes? Lol He’s laughing a lot and trying out his little legs.

We’re wrapping up a summer where, in total, he’ll have experienced 10 flights, 8 domestic cities and 3 international cities all in 2 months. His first time saying, “Bye bye” while waving was exiting a flight …  he said it to a stranger. She was overjoyed! You should have seen the baby’s smile when he saw her smile!

Each of us has no idea how long we’ll be on this earth. While we’re here I say we live life. Live it. Enjoy it. Make memories. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Laugh. Hug. Figure out it. Though he may not remember specific things that occur, I hope that he will remember that life is good and he is amazing and he deserves to get everything he wants out of life. I hope you’re doing the same.



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