How Good is Medical Care Around the World?

I saw this article on NPR, If You Fall Ill Abroad, Should You Seek Local Help Or Head Home?, and I had to share it:

If you fall seriously ill in Poland you can count on good care at a private hospital but should probably steer clear of the public ones.

In Botswana, an otherwise survivable road accident could prove deadly owing to lack of good care. But in some areas of neighboring Namibia there’s a decent chance emergency medical personnel can stabilize you.

And if you have a heart attack, your ticker should be in good hands in Sao Paolo.

Those are some of the therapeutic lessons you can learn from International SOS, which has just published its annual ratings of medical and dental care abroad. The company offers emergency medical assistance to companies whose employees work and travel abroad, including media organizations like NPR.

Since we are heading to South Africa this week and Brazil in November, this is exactly the kind of article we want to read. We usually get travel insurance through AAA but it’s still nice to know if we should use local care or return home. This article made things a bit clearer for us I hope it helps you to.



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