Virgin Atlantic Flight from DC to London With Toddler

Another flight ....

Another flight ….

The flight was easy. The crew was amazing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

We booked two regular economy class seats from DC to Johannesburg because there was a sale on airfare. We paid about $1,000 for each seat and another $280 for our lap infant (kids under 2 pay 10% plus taxes). The word around the internet is that Virgin Atlantic is great with kids so we were looking forward to a pleasant trip. We were not disappointed.

From the moment we arrived at the counter to check in (we had to check in at the counter because we had the baby) the service was wonderful. The worker asked for the baby’s birth certificate and went to printing our boarding cards through London on to Johannesburg. When we arrived at the gate, I was surprised to see that families were allowed to board first. Wow! Each person we saw walking down the jetway and onto the plane greeted us with a smile and a hearty, “Hello” for our toddler. While settling into our seats several flight attendants came over to greet our little one and tell us how adorable he is. One even insisted that we change seats after takeoff to allow us room for him to have his own seat.

She was right! After we reached cruising altitude, she told us to move up to an empty row of 4 seats. We sat the baby in between us, clicked him into his seatbelt, turned on his favorite movie, “Home” and set to enjoying our flight. We were served a delicious snack (sour cream and chives pretzels), a yummy dinner (we ordered Kosher and got chicken pasta meal), several drinks (we chose apple juice) and breakfast. The flight attendants were friendly, helpful and made sure that baby was comfortable the whole flight.

My only complaint was that the flight was too short. Since we were only in the air for about six hours, by the time everyone had settled, eaten and watched a few movies we were landing in London! I would definitely suggest taking your toddler on an international flight on Virgin Atlantic.


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