14 Hours in London With a Toddler


Welcome to the UK!

We walked off of our flight from DC ready to party in London … or so we thought! Lol

We didn’t really have a plan of what to do so we headed for customs and figured we see where the day took us. We breezed through customs in 30 minutes! Whoo hoo! We took the underground into London and exited at the Green Park. When we came up out of the station there was a lovely sign that told us what things where in what direction and how long of a walk it would be.

We decided to walk through the park towards Buckingham Palace because … well, why not? We were going to see the Queen! Lol

I love the signage in London. #Easy

I love the signage in London. #Easy

The park was beautiful. It has tons of green space, tall trees and a few benches for resting. You can even buy a hot dog or treat if the mood strikes. We made a bee line for palace and arrived just as the other thousand tourists were arriving! Lol We took a few snapshots in front of the palace and headed off a bit further into London. The baby decided that he wanted to walk, so we stopped in a park to let him chase the birds. There was a beautiful lake and plenty of birds. Apparently, two pelicans that were given to Charles II as a gift from Russia.

We continued our walk toward Big Ben and took photos as we went. Once we made it to Big Ben we realized two things #1 We had no idea where we should go or what we should do #2 We didn’t have any money to anything way! Lol We walked over to the Thames (“I walked along the river Thames, the waters did they reek!” – Knight’s Tale)

After crossing the Thames we headed to a McDonalds because we thought that they’d have free internet. Well …. they did and they didn’t. They did say that they offered free internet, but there was a whole system where you had to put your email address and phone number and they would text you a password and … we never did figure it out. Then we went to Namja Town … or the British version which was wack. Then we walked by the aquarium and the London Dungeon. We ended up sitting down in an area similar to Venice Beach with people singing and dancing for money when a beggar approached us with a strange spiel about wanting money and when we said that we didn’t have any, he said, “Who comes abroad with no money?” incredulously! Lol You know you’re doing travel right when you have people confused! Lol



We decided to move on and then realized that we hadn’t slept well on the flight (I watched The Swing, then Far From the Maddening Crowd, which I had been wanting to see, and then Bessie with Queen Latifah in a row!) because we kept eating and watching movies, eating and watching movies. The baby fell asleep while we were walking back.The only thing I really regret not doing was seeing the Madame Tussaud’s Star Wars with 18 different characters and 11 scenes. It was $40 each and just couldn’t spare the $80, but I hope to visit it at some point.

We headed back to the underground and both fell asleep on the train. We went one stop too far and had to get off, go back and get on another train to go the right way. Since we left the airport we had to re-enter through the UK’s TSA. What. A. Pain. I’m so frustrated about it and it was so painful that I hope I don’t have to do it again for a good long while. Ugh!

Since we only spent about six hours out, we had to wait about 6 more hours in the airport. The food sucks. The portions are small. The cost is

Something free to kill some time and make the kiddies happy in Heathrow Airport.

Something free to kill some time and make the kiddies happy in Heathrow Airport.

high (the pound is almost DOUBLE the dollar). It was painful to wait. Thankfully, we saw a sign that promised a baby play area. It was a small room with soft toys. There were two separate play areas: one for under 2 and one for over 2. There was also a “quiet room” for teens. We stayed in there for an hour or two, but I’m glad that I brought the baby’s toys. He spent about 40 minutes sitting on the ground playing with his magnets and blocks.

We didn’t know what gate we’d be leaving from until about an hour before the flight (weird, no?) so when a gate was announced we rushed over. There was already a line.  *blank stare* The person behind the counter asked to see the baby’s documents though we already had our boarding passed. We dug them out and handed them over. She looked at the birth certificate and asked why our names don’t match. I pulled out the adoption papers and my secret …..  photos of us together over the last year. She asked for a second opinion, got the okay and let us into the waiting area. Since families board first, we were able to basically just walk into the plane.

Glad London is over. Next time, I think we’ll book a room and get some sleep! Lol


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