Visiting Brazil from the US is a Pain

Still working on getting our visas for Brazil.

Still working on getting our visas for Brazil.

We saw a GREAT deal on airfare to Brazil on LAN so we thought we’d go …  BIG mistake.

The deal:

Payments Details:
Base: $568.00
Taxes/Fees: $203.56
Total Price: $769.56 USD

That’s not too bad fr two tickets round trip, but what we didn’t consider was how difficult getting the visas would be and how costly they would be. A few weeks ago I read that getting a visa to Brazil out of the Los Angeles consulate was …  a challenge. We’ve never visited a country where we needed a formal visa (American privilege anyone? #BluePassport) and I thought that we would show up one day, without an appointment, with our paperwork, we’d pay a few dollars and they’d stamp something or give us something and we’d be done. Um …  no.

The Los Angeles consulate has you:

  • Fill out an application online and you need that number before you can even make an appointment.
  • Make an appointment online for each individual (including the baby) but the calendar is blocked for months at a time.
  • Show up the day of your interview and present your paperwork, a money order from USPS only for $160 …  EACH.
  • Keeps your passport for an unspecified amount of time.
  • Mails everything you need to your home.

Now I see why most people use a third-party agency. This is some bullshit. Now we have to pay $160 each (including the baby) plus the $60 per passport the agency charges.

This brings our airfare ($385 including taxes) and passport, we haven’t even gotten to the car, hotel, food and entertainment, ($220 total) to $605 each. Now that I write it, I kind of feel like a dill hole. $605 roundtrip to Brazil isn’t bad either, I guess I’m just mad because it feel like there were so many hidden fees.



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