Exploring Baltimore With a Toddler



We spent two weeks in Baltimore and thought we’d take a look at what Baltimore had to offer. We’ve been to DC multiple times and been through Baltimore but we never really stopped to take a look around Baltimore.

Since Baltimore is known for crab cakes we wanted to try some and since we’ve never hiked the east coast we wanted to do that. Of course, we thrifted because … that’s what we do.

Crab Cakes

Koco’s Crabcakes First off, the place is VERY child friendly. The server suggested a table next to the play area so we could pretend that we were on a date. Nice! She grabbed a high chair for the baby without being asked and was generally knowledgeable about people with children. We ordered a “crab lump” for about $25 (the prices aren’t listed. It said “market rate”) and chicken fingers. I wasn’t a fan of the crab lump. It wasn’t particularly flavorful and it was too big. It kinda looks like a Sno Ball that isn’t pink. The chicken fingers were okay. The lemonade was sour and watery. The real star was the service and the french fries. I’m not a huge fry person, but these were pretty good.

Michael’s Cafe When we walked in with our squirmy toddler and saw the mood lighting and white tablecloths we didn’t think that this resteraunt would be good for our family. We were mistaken. The host saw us and welcomed us over. I asked if having a toddler at the table during dinner service. She smiled and said, “Of course”. She brought over a highchair and a place mat that the baby could color and three crayons. We ordered a crab cake starter that came with four mini crab cakes. Delicious! I ordered a steak with broccoli rabe and mashed potatoes. The steak didn’t knock my socks off but it was okay. The sides were good.


Dad and baby playing at the stream near the waterfall at Kilgore Falls.


Kilgore Falls at Rock State Park

We took the little one on a one mile hike from the parking lot to Kilgore Falls. It was a pretty easy walk (he rarely held my hand) until we got near the falls. You can go up or down. We mistakenly choose up and ended up on top of the waterfall. Lol Luckily there was a little stream that the baby played in and there was a guy playing a flute.

Thrift Stores

Goodwill – Got a pair of baby Spizikes and baby Jordan slides for $2.50 each.

Goodwill Outlet – Got a Leapgrog talking tea pot that the baby LOVES and other random toys.

Savers – Got two pairs of baby Jordans for $5 each.


Ugh ...

Ugh …

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum We visited on a pretty slow day. The museum is full of memorabilia from the US. Most of it is of white actors and performers. There were a few items that made me want to throw something and a few items from Black artists (mostly from the Motown era) and inexplicably a little part about MLK Jr.

Overall, we had a great time in Baltimore and we look forward to seeing more sights.



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