Lan and TAM Airlines Are Great

We saw a great deal on airfare from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo so we jumped on it. After purchading the tickets we wondered what the flights would be like. We were blown away!

LA to Lima (LAN)

The first leg of our journey went off without a hitch. The lady at the counter was really nice. Boarding was smooth. our seats were changed a few times but get this …  they were changed to give us more space. We don’t buy the baby a seat yet but the check in lady gave us the middle (with three seats) and then put me on one end and him on the other end. Get it? No one wants that middle seat! Ah yrs ….  a flight to Lima where everyone has their own seat and entertainment system.


Lima to Sao Paulo (TAM)

Again, everything was great. They even have the best family boarding ever.

The food on both was okay. fewer snacks and less food in general than Virgin Atlantic but not bad at all.


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