Lapa is Great (Rio Day 2)

I have wanted to visit Lapa since I saw Madam Sata!



We took the metro to station because we wanted to visit the National History Museum.


It was closed so we walked around the garden. Eventually we left and started walking. Our plan was yo grab some food and then hop back on the metro.


We ended up walking all the way to Lapa on accident! Lol He was stoked to se the Lapa Arches. I was stoked to see the Lapa street art.

We made our way overvto the Selaron’s Stairs just in time to find ….  everyone else was there too! Apparently a tour nus has just arrived. No matter. We fought our way to the steps to take our photos. They didn’t come out that well. Ee saw a family struggling tp get a group shot do we offered our services …  in exchange for the same. We got a great phtot! Thanks random tourists! Lol


We had a great time in Lapa so ee stopped in the grocery near the metro station snd headed bavk to the rental.


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