Made it to Salvador

20151202_141258We flew into Salvador, Bahia in Brazil yesyerday morning! The view from the air was beautiful.

We took the bus from the airport and ended up at the erong end of Sete de Setembre Avenue. We’re standing on the street with our luggage looking crazy when we decide to ask a street sweeper person for help. She doesn’t know where the address is so she calls the owner for us. Brilliant! After chatting with the guy for a moment another woman with a blue dress abd some kind of official looking patch comes over. She asks if everything is okay. We assure her it is. They help us catch a cab. I offer a few follars to the womanvthat helped us but she refuses with a huge smile. She blows us a kiss and smiles again. We hop in yhe cab and arrive at thr rental across grom the yatch club.

The owner is at the gate to meet us. He is Italian. He brings us upstairs and shows us our new 2bed 2bath rental. The phtots did not lie. The place is wonderful with an amazing view. He has new sheets anf towels for us and fruits in a decorative bowl and juices in the fridge.

We rest for a moment and then shower and take off walking. There are two stores right before thr beach. We buy a pair of Havianas for our toddler and s pair for the baby we hope to have soon. We even find a pair gir His huge feet!

20151202_173507We wander down to thr beach and make a little note on yhe sand. Once the baby sees the ocean, he goes nuts! Lol We take his shoes off and let him play in the water. He’s  a water baby.

We walk over to the lighthouse and decide it’s dinner time. We go to Fogo de Chao where the baby is treated like a king, as he should be. The waiter is very nice. He brings a coloring book and crayons. He playd with him. He starts chasing him around the resteraunt! The baby giggles and takes off. Other workers join inbthe fun. They all ran around for about 15 minutes! Lol

We pay the bill and leave a R50 tip on top off the 10% included gratuity. We start walking to find milk before we return home. We walk for a few blocks and don’t see anywhere to buy milk. Two ladies compliment the baby so we ask them where ee can get milk. They oblige and point over to the store.

We get the milk and realize that we don’t know what bus to take back and don’t know how to hail a taxi. We ask someone at the gas ststion. He leaves the gad station, hails a cab for us and then helps us into it.

There is no way we could do all yhis traveling without relying on thr kindness of strangers. Thank you, Salvador!


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