Pom Pom Good Diaper in Brazil

IMG_20151204_114818On the road you have to buy what you can. In South Africa we bought    and in Brazil we bought Pom Poms. Yay for Pom Poms!

IMG_20151204_113727We put one on right before bedtime and he didn`t leak all night. We learned the hard way though. Originally, we bought Pampers because that`s what we use at home. Big mistake. Huge mistake. We ended up with a pack of diapers we didn`t even use.

We tried two of them and headed back to the drug store. This time the Pom Poms were right below the Pampers and were half of the cost. We decided to try `em and see what happens.


They are amazing. We`re through one pack, we`re going to buy another pack and I`m thinking nother pack to take home.



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