Visiting Iguacu Falls With a Toddler – The Brazil Side

Brazil - Iguacu Falls - Cover.fwOMG!

We got the 10 hour layover in Iguacu because we wanted to stop by the falls. I heard that Iguacu Falls was a sight to behold so we visited Niagra Falls this summer so we’d have something to compare it to.

Our plane landed in Foz de Iguacu around 10am. The airport is super tiny. We walked off of the plane with our carry ons (our checked luggage had gone ahead to Los Angeles)  and right out of the front doors to catch the bus to the falls. There are two buses that run on the same line. They both go downtown but one makes a side trip to the falls and one doesn’t. We got on the first one we saw … and it was not the one that went to the falls! Lol The bus driver didn’t take our money, let us off on the next stop and told us to wait for the bus that said National Park at the top. We got off in front of the convention center and waited. Another bus came along, but it was the same one we exited. Another bus came along and it was the right one. We got on, paid the R3.20 each and spent about 4 minutes riding the bus until it pulled up in front of the Iguacu Falls National Park.

When the bu pulls up to the national park, this is what you'll see.

When the bu pulls up to the national park, this is what you’ll see.

It felt like going to the zoo. The signage is good. There are people everywhere and your whole trip has been planned for you.Lol There are lockers near the Tourism Office (where English is spoken). We dropped off two carry-ons and took one backpack with us. We paid for two tickets with a credit card (all major ones are accepted) and made our way over to the snack bar. There are a few snacky options. We chose a juice bar.

We headed to the park bus that takes you to the falls. There are several stops that you can get off on around the park. All lead to the falls.

The was our first view of the falls from the Brazil side.

The was our first view of the falls from the Brazil side.

When we got off and started walking towards the falls I wasn’t that impressed. I had heard that the Argentine side was much better for viewing the falls and getting close to the falls. At first, I agreed. We walked. We took some photos. Meh …

Then I saw a sign for the Devil’s Throat. I wasn’t sure what it said but it looked interesting. Whoo, doggy! YES!

Watch out. You're gonna get DRENCHED!

Watch out. You’re gonna get DRENCHED!

THIS is what you come to Iguacu Falls to experience! There is a bridge that let’s you walk out to the edge of the waterfall. Whoo! Talk about an experience. When you get to the end there’s a gift shop and an elevator back to the top. When we went the elevator wasn’t working, so we hiked back up to the top.

There was a food place and tons of coati. There are signs everywhere saying to be careful because they bite. They tell you not to feed them. We bought a burger meal and a fruit cup and sat at a table. We weren’t there 2 minutes before a coati JUMPED up on the table and started eating the burger! We both jumped up at the same time. A lady that worked at the park came over and shooed him off of the table. He took the patty and ran! LOL After that we were scared so we got back in line to take the park bus back to the front of the park.

We arrived around 11:30pm and left around 2pm. We probably could have stayed longer if we hiked more trails, but I feel pretty satisfied with what we saw.

Since we were done so early (our flight didn’t leave until 9pm and we wanted to return around 6pm for our international flight to Peru) we decided to check out Dream Land. It’s a building with stuff in it. It’s hard to explain.


There is a wax museum (indoors), an animatronic dinosaur park (outdoors) and a scale model park (indoors). It cost about $24 to see all three. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. It took about an hour and a half to get through. After, we grabbed a bite a food truck parked in between Dream Land and the bus stop.

We returned to the airport around 6pm and realized …. that we should have stayed out later. The international terminal is one gate with one little snack bar. We sat there for about 3 hours.  *blank stare*

I’m glad we visited. There’s a hotel in the national park grounds. Perhaps we’ll stay there next time.




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