We’re Going to Cambodia


Angkor Wat near  Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I have been wanting to visit Cambodia since I was in 11th grade. Yesterday, we bought our tickets (two parents and a toddler). Of course we want to see Angor Wat but I’d like to explore the country a bit as well. I’m a little concerned since we don’t speak Khmer and Cambodians aren’t big on Black folks. Lol

While I’m totally living in the clouds, I thought we’d also visit Thailand, Laos and IndoChina-MapVietnam. Time to figure out how much each visa costs, how much hotels costs, transportation, etc. It seems like visiting southeast Asia will be pretty cheap but there are always more expenses than one anticipates. Brazil was pretty cheap, but we only visited one country (though we did visit four cities: Sao Paulo, Rio, Salvador and Iguacu Falls). I hope that we’ll get to see lots while we are there and I hope that people are kind to us.

I guess there is no way to know except to get up and go so ..  here we go.

Wish is luck.


2 thoughts on “We’re Going to Cambodia

  1. We went to Thailand and Laos last year to visit my husbands family. I was very worried about racism since I am Black but we didnt encounter any problems at all. I have heard that being American makes the difference between if you are treated badly or not in SE Asia. Mainly because the assumption is you must have money to travel and your not likely a permanent immigrant. I was super worried that someone would say something to my children about being mixed but again we didnt have any issues. We are going to back to Asia this year for a 6 month trip through East and SE Asia and I hope we have just as good an experience.

    • I`m glad to hear that. We`re here now and though we`ve bee n pointedat and laughed at so far things have been pretty good. Anything your kids really enjoyed experiencing? Gotta keep our toddler busy! =)

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