Taking a Family to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam

Since we are heading to Cambodia this spring we thought we’d hop on over to Thailand and Vietnam. Our baby is now a toddler so I’m wondering if we need to add or discard any of our travel preparations. For this trip we’re planning to:

  • Get travel insurance in case we need medical care.
  • Find out where we can receive medical care in each city we’re visiting.
  • Visit our doctors before we leave.
  • Rent a house with a washing machine and air conditioning.

We also need to find out about visas for each country and any other requirements for bringing children (like the new ones in South Africa) in or out of each country.

Cambodia – According to the Royal Embassy kids under 12 need a visa ($35 at the airport or online) but kids don’t have to pay a fee.

Thailand – No visa required for US passport holders.

Vietnam – According to MoveToCambodia.com you can get a visa for $42 and it only takes two days. According to TravelHappy.info you can also get one in Bangkok or on the spot from the Vietnam Embassy in Sihanoukville.

Malaysia – No visa required for US passport holders.




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