On My List: Palenque San Basilio, Colombia


Benkos Bioho Statue Columbia

The Benkos Bioho statue in Palenque San Basilio, Columbia.

I just read this article about an American Black woman living in Cartegena, Colombia. She mentioned that Palenque San Basilio is a town about an hour outside of Cartegena that was founded by maroons (people that escaped from being enslaved and set towns where Black people could live freely).

I am a huge fan of maroon communities and it’s my goal to visit as many as possible. Right now I’m aware of:

  • Queen Nanny of Jamaican Maroons
  • Gaspar Yanga of Mexican Maroons
  • Zumbi and Dandara dos Palmares of Brazilian Maroons
  • Benkos Bioho of Columbian Maroons


A little bit more about Palenque San Basilio:




To find out more about Black people that were enslaved and fought for freedom, check out this thread. If you are aware of any other maroon towns, please let me know. I’ll put them on my list.  #Diaspora


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