7 Reasons to Visit Peru Now


Lake Titicaca seems like it goes on forever!

#1 Lake Titicaca

This is the highest navigable lake in South America. It lies on the border between Peru and Bolivia and it is beautiful! According to LakeTiticaca.com:

Lake Titicaca is a sacred place for the Inca civilization, as the Incan mythology says that the first Inca king, Manco Capac, was born here. According to the Incan mythology, this is the place where the world was created from, when the god Viracocha came out of the lake and created the sun, the stars and the first people.

We took a cruise to two islands. On the first one you visit a floating village. You learn a bit about the history and the people that live there get a chance to sell you things. Some people stayed on the boat. Now I know why. Lol

On the second island you hike around the island. When I say “hike” I mean exactly that. Peru is know for being mountainous and this island is no exception. It took us hours to get to the other side of the island and catch up with the rest of our group. We took so long that we missed lunch and by the time we made it to the boat, we were ready for a nap. It was hot. I was tired and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The views were amazing!


Drinking Inca Kola in Urubamba.

#2 Inca Cola

Some might say that putting a disgusting, fizzy bottle of carcinogens as number two on your list is a bad move. I say, “You must not have tasted this liquid of the gods”. I know it’s marketing but drinking an Inca Cola in the Sacred Valley while relaxing in Urubamba’s town square is as close as I’ve come to heaven. I really can’t explain how delicious it is. Go get one …  in Peru.  =)


I’m not pointing at my boobs … well I am … but … just read the shirt. Lol

#3 Llamas

Before we left I wanted to know a little bit about the country and one of the things I learned was that Peru has llamas, alpacas and vicunas. I hoped to see some while in country but I had no idea how close I’d get. I thought that perhaps we’d visit a zoo and I’d be able to snap a photo in my snazzy llama shirt.

When we arrived in Cusco we thought we’d visit Sacsayhuaman. I was to cheap to pay to get in so we decided to walk back to the city. On the way we cut through a grassy patch and what do we see? There are a couple llamas just chillin’ (not tied up) on a hill. I posed for a photo while hoping this things didn’t charge me. Wait, do llamas charge?  *shrugs*

Anyway, it was cool to see them. It was doubly cool since I was wearing my llama shirt. Score! If you want to see llamas on the cheap thing sit he place to be. Since these animals are native to Peru there are also tons of products available. Been wanting a pair of vicuna socks? Peru is the place for you.


G-rated Moche pottery.

#4 Moche Pottery

While in Cusco we were able to visit the Larco Museum. There are some great pieces of art. I really enjoyed the large timeline. One rarely sees a timeline with different Spanish-influenced cultures. It was pretty cool to see the history all in one place. The main museum was great buuuuuut the best part of the museum was the part with the Moche pottery.

The Moche culture is thousands of years old. The Moche used to rule the northern part of Peru. There isn’t a whole lot that’s known about them since they didn’t write things down. We know that they built pyramids, they buried the dead with lots of items and they created lots of pottery with naked folks on ’em. Yeah …  I said it. In the Larco Museum there is a seperate building that houses Moche pottery that depicts people engaged in … ahem … shall we say “natural fun”. Lol We’re talking private parts made public and under-the-blanket activities and whatnot. Go to Peru. Take your partner. Visit the Larco. ‘Nuff said.


Everything was so green!

#5 Fields of Green

There are so many amazing views in Peru. We had the pleasure of flying from Lima into Cusco. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the window. Everywhere I looked was beautiful. Sure, there’s desert, there’s the Amazon and the accompanying jungle and there are cities but what blew me away was how lush everything was. My words can’t do it justice. Just go.



The alpaca steak was delicious.

#6 Food


So many places sell rotisserie chicken with french fries and fried rice.

Peru is the land of delicious food. We ate a super huge corn on the cob, rotisserie chicken with fried rice (“chifa” aka Chinese food is huge over there), and alpaca steaks. Yum! I wanted to try some cuy (guinea pig) but the restaurants we saw it in wanted an arm and a leg (tourist prices). As we were leaving the Sacred Valley I saw a lady selling cuy on the side of the road but our bus was pulling off. That was my last change to try it. There’s always next time though. *wink*





Hiking in Ollyantaytambo … or so I thought.

#7 Hiking

On purpose or on accident you should expect to do some hiking while in Peru. There are national parks where you can hike up to places where people resided before the Incans, during the Incans and for a time, after the Incans. There are also the stairs and walkways that are more recent but will require that you remember to breath and bring some water with you.

In Cusco (the city most people fly into on their way to Machu Pichu) the altitude is so high that they sell candies made from the coca leaf to help you feel better. What? They say it helps.

What ever you want to do, I’m sure you can find it in Peru. I mentioned the things I experienced but I didn’t even mention the sand dunes, the hieroglyphs, the Amazon river or the animal conservatories.

Thanks for reading the 7 reasons you should definitely plan your trip to Peru now. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section.




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