Don`t Visit South Korea on a Tuesday

We left LAX Sunday night (really Monay morning), flew for 13 hours hours and somehow arrived Tuesday morning. We had a long layover so we set out to explore Seoul. We took the all-stop train (cost 9,600 for two adults) from Incheon into Seoul. We transfer onto the 5 line and exited at …. to go see the changing of the guard. When we came up out of the exit, there was a huge golden statue. We followed the signs for the palace and found small park. We let ghe baby run around a bit before crossing the street to enter the palace, but it was Tuesday. The palacewas closed on Tuesdays.

We decided to visit the folk museum (there are tons of museums on the samestreet) so we startedcwalking. The temperature was 36 degrees and it was extra cold because of the wind! We walked to the museum to find this strangepiece of artwork and a sign …  that the museum was closed on Tuesdays!

We gave up and decided to skip the love locks due tothe cold . Aside: It was so cold and about 1.5 of legwasshowing on each of the baby`s legs due to him being carried in the mei tei, that old lsdies kept walking up to us and grabbing his legs and clucking and shaking their head! I didn’t dress him like this on purpose. I brought warm weather clothes thinking about southeast Asia and for got about South Korea. Anyhoo…  we headed back ghe airport and met awierd guy. …  but yhat`s another post. w


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