Meeting New Friends at Airport Lounges


We returned to Incheon Airport with about four hours to kill. We grabbed a bite at Burger King, played at the safety exhibit and then headed over to the the nursery. After spending a bit of time and still having a few hours to kill, we headed over to the Korean traditional art area (aka the lounge).

We spent some time there on the way into southeast Asia so the baby felt pretty familiar with the area. The real highlight of the day was meeting a little girl named Isabella and her mom at the lounge. The mom walked right up to us and asked if her child could play with our child.of course!

The kids ran and chased each other and even roped the adults into the action. A good time was has by all. ….   until we had to leave. Talk about throwing a fit!

I don`t post photos of my kid so I didn’t even ask to take a photo of her kid, but I hope they have a safe trip to China and a safe return back to Chicago.


One thought on “Meeting New Friends at Airport Lounges

  1. Hi there, great post. I love living and traveling in South Korea for their great baby amenities. There are nurseries in nearly every department store and in some subway stations as well. You can even weigh your baby in the comfort of your own nursery at the arrivals lounge.

    I plan to subscribe to updates on your blog. Feel free to visit my posts if you plan another trip to Seoul:

    Thanks again!

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