Cambodian Cooking Class in Siem Reap

20160315_142144Bought a voucher to take a Cambodian cooking class on the Klook app. It costs $20 and includes a driver to pick you up and drop you off, a tour of a Cambodian family’s home, a recipe book and the class where you prepare a three course meal outside.

Both the chef and the sous chef speak English. All the materials are prepped for you so ll you have to do is throw the food in the pot …..  or on the griddle ….   or whatever. Our class made a fish appetizer, chicken curry and a crispy pancake for dessert.

We brought our toddler in our Infantino mei tei so we could cook and keep our baby close. Most of the other people in the class were from the Best Coast too. Everyone seemed surprised when we showed up with the baby on my back but no one seemed upset. If anything, the participants seemed to think he was cute. The chef and sous chef looked a little perturbed but they didn’t say we couldn’t participate.


The baby stayed in the mei tei through the appetizer but during the main he decided he wanted OUT! Lol Thankfully, we were cooking in a large backyard with a fence so I let him down. He ran around the yard while we cooked.

20160315_141135Once all the food was done, they plated everything and sent the participants to a little gazebo with tables, chairs, tablecloth, and silverware. Each participant got a free soda and alcohol was also available.

It was a cool time and we met some cool folks. Our baby loved the fish appetizer. I’d definitely do another Cambodian cooking class if I got the opportunity.



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