Review: Frangipani Villa 90s Phnom Penh


I still can’t believe we got this room for $30 per night.

The staff is so nice. We got in late at night. As soon as our tuk tuk arrived they came out to get our bags, showed us into the waiting area, and brought us something to drink while we waited to be checked in.

Our room was pretty standard: king sized bed, tv, bathroom with tub/shower combination, toilet, sink. The internet connection was fast and the air conditioner blew cold. The building itself won’t know your socks off but the service will.


Cooked-to-order breakfast at Frangiapani Villas 90 in Phnom Penn, Cambodia.

Each morning, we had a cooked-to-order breakfast. I always had the veggie fried rice, toast, boiled egg, fruit, and juice. It tastes delicious and again, the service was immaculate. Everyone had a smile, they were friendly, and they even played with our toddler a bit.


One morning, my son was walking around while waiting for breakfast and walked right into the lily pond. It was only about 4 inches deep but it surprised my toddler. A woman came running from the back with a towel. Running. We definitely felt cared for.

Every morning as we headed out, the front desk attendant would ask what we were up to. It wasn’t creepy, it was really nice. Sometimes they’d suggest something we could do or give us directions. After a day or two I looked forward to chatting about our day’s adventures on the way back to our room as well.

We enjoyed the place and the people so much, that on our way back to airport we booked the Frangiapani Villas 90 for a night just so we could spend the afternoon hours (we got back to Phnom Penn around 3pm and our flight was at midnight) in a place we felt comfortable. After visiting Siem Reap, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Saigon ….  it felt like returning home.






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