Review: Famiana Resort


Famiana Resort in Phu Quoc, Viet Nam. Click the photo to visit website.

Can I pick a winner or can I pick a winner?

The whole trip, I wanted to go to a beach in Viet Nam. I kept hemming and hawing because the flights were so expensive. At the last minute I decided to just go for it. I am SO GLAD that I did.

We booked a ocean-front room and boarded a plane. The GM at Famiana Resort sent an email earlier letting us know that a hotel shuttle would be there when we arrived. Since we were communicating, I let her know that we were celebrating our son’s birthday. She let us know that the resort would provide a cake to help us celebrate. Sweet!

Phu Quoc is a tiny little place on an island. After our flight landed, the whole airport shut down. We went outside but couldn’t find our shuttle. After a few minutes, all the shuttles were gone and we were left standing in the dark, on the curb. A taxi helper took pity on us and made several calls around town and made a taxi driver stay until she could figure out what was going on with us.

She was able to find the resort, call then up, and arrange for the resort to pay the taxi to take us to there. Upon arrival, there were three women at the counter. I was told that our room was not ready, that they planned to give us two twin beds (though we booked a king), and they charge extra for cribs.  *blank stare*

Just when I was about to really lose it, the manager came out and told us that she would upgrade us to an ocean-front loft, waive the crib fee, and brought us juice to drink while we waited. It turns out that she was educated in Philadelphia. We chatted for a bit while we waited for the room to be ready.


A few steps from the loft to the beach. Wowzers! #FamianaResort ##PhuQuoc #VietNam

OMG! When she said, “Ocean-front” she was not playing. The loft had a sliding glass door that faced the ocean and we could walk to the beach in about twenty steps. Every morning, my kid went up to the glass door and motioned that he wanted to go out. Lol


There were two televisions, a little kitchen with a full fridge, a beautiful bathroom with a separate tub and shower, toiletries, toiletries, and MORE toiletries, a kiddie pool, a lap pool, a spa (I got a massage on the beach and a mani/pedi inside), a restaurant (with free buffet breakfast), and the ability to kayak, play tennis, and do archery, if the mood suits.

Not only is Famiana Resort very comfortable, but the staff is amazing! Every morning when we went to breakfast, the staff would come put the baby’s napkin in his lap, help cut his food, and play with him so we could eat in peace.


On the last day, the front desk called and asked what time we’d like our cake. We said lunch would work. Around 11:45am we went to the restaurant to get the cake and found ….  a whole table set up with flowers, l.e.d. candles (great for toddlers), his name spelled out on the tablecloth, and of course a cake. The staff came around and sang happy birthday. It was really nice. I appreciated how much thought they put into it.

When we returned home, we had to cancel his outdoor birthday party due to rain so this was the only party he had. That made it extra special. Since we’ve been home, I’ve had more time to think about it and I’m so glad that we took the trip. Famiana Resort made a beautiful ending to our time in southeast Asia.


My toddler loved these hanging chairs.

Here’s my review on (where we booked):

“We stayed at Famiana for three nights with our toddler. It was amazing! Famiana has a free shuttle that picks you up from the airport but somehow we missed each other. The hotel paid for a taxi to bring us to the property and then upgraded our room. Mistakes happen and they made it right. Our toddler is turning is turning two and the resort said that they would provide a cake. When we walked into the restaurant there was a table decorated with flowers and led candles that spelled his name. It was really special. We visited Vinpearl Land by using the free island shuttle, did archery (the instructor was great!) at the sister property, ate the delicious free breakfast every morning, swam in the toddler pool multiple times a day, and had a wonderful Swedish massage and a mani/pedi at the spa. The internet is strong and the cable channels include kid channels. Everyone speaks English. The resort is a little ways away from the town so it’s nice and quiet. The staff was wonderful and loved on our toddler every time they’d see him. The grounds are immaculate. The air conditioning worked great. The cribs were made of sturdy wood and the baby’s linen was changed every day. Our toddler loved the swinging egg chairs that overlook the beach. We had a great time and look forward to visiting Famiana again and again.”


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