ATVing in Siem Reap With a Toddler



The whole family ATVing in Siem Reap, Cambodia. #Babywearing

What a blast!

We saw a video pf people ATVing through Siem Reap and knew that we wanted to have that experience. We bought our tickets online and a driver came to pick us up for the adventure. When the owners saw me babywearing they kinda freaked out. Lol

I let them know that babywearing wouldn’t be a problem, took my driving test, and started preparing to have an adventure …  except … they couldn’t decide if they wanted the baby on my back or on my front. Lol They had me put him on my back but then they thought that the wind and dirt might bother him. Then they had me put him on my front but then they thought that might effect my driving/steering. As I was going to put him on my back again they decided that I’d better wear him on my front. Lol


Cows, cows everywhere!

Once we finally left, we got to see cows bathing, tons of kids waving, and a beautiful sunset over the rice paddies.


I still get a little kick out of the fact that I’ve seen people on scooters with two or three kids dangling from the front AND back of the scooter, but me wearing my toddler securely in a mei tei caused a bit of a stir. Lol

A good time was had by all.


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