Baltimore With Two Toddlers


There are multiple Storyville sites at libraries around the city but we only visited Rosedale.

We had to travel to Baltimore for work, so we turned it into a mini adventure. This was Baby Girl’s first time on a plane and she did splendidly! Our toddler is a seasoned traveler so he was good to go.

Visiting a city with two adults is different than visiting a city with babies in tow. We had to find things for our babies to do that were cheap and/or low cost. Our best find in Baltimore was the Storybrook Library. We also visited Watkins Regional Park (it has a Wizard of Oz theme) and the National Zoo in Washington, DC. As you can tell, we’re really into free and cheap. Lol


The babies playing in the “ocean” area of Storyville.

Storybrook Library

It’s a very cute little place for kids 0 – 5 years old in Baltimore. Since it’s part of the library system it’s completely free. There are little areas (grocery store, ocean, building/construction, book nook, family play house, etc.) for the kids to play in and there’s even an infant play area where you have to take your shoes off so the babies can crawl around. It’s all very cute, very free, and our littles LOVED it. Since it stays open late, there were tons of parents there between 7pm and 9pm. It’s a great place to let the kids run around and tire themselves out before bedtime. Since we were staying in a small hotel room, that’s what we used it for! Lol The kids would cry when we left but be ready for bed by the time we made it back to the hotel.

Watkins Regional Park

We wanted to take the kids to a park and when we heard there was a park with The Wizard of Oz theme and a train nearby, we knew we had found a winner.Since it’s a regional park it was free.99 …  which is my favorite price! Lol The babies played, swung, climbed, looked, and touched all they could. After a while, we crossed the street and took a ride on the train. You do have to pay for the train ride but it’s only a few dollars and little kids like searching for the animal faces in the tree bark.

Nationalal Zoo

It’s small and not well kept but it’s free. There is paid parking and street meters. I was surprised to see that the animal enclosures were pretty run down and there didn’t seem to be that many animals but after visiting the San Diego Zoo, one’s expectations are pretty high. Lol

Anyhoo, we went. It was free. It gave the babies a place to run around.

All in all, we had a fine time soaking up the free sites in, and around, Baltimore.




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