Review: Hotel Santa Fe

I had to go to Guam for work. The first meeting was the day everyone was scheduled to fly in. I wanted to have a moment to adjust and get settled before I had to work. I flew in a day early and found a little, cheap (for Guam, at least) hotel to stay at.

I wanted a beachfront hotel but I didn’t want to pay beachfront prices. After reading some online reviews, I settled on the Hotel Santa Fe in Tamuning, Guam. Once I made my reservation, I emailed my flight info and they assured me that someone would be there to pick me up.

Once I got through customs I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. We hopped in a new minivan with air conditioning (yes!) and chatted for the 8 minute drive to the hotel. Check in was quick and painless. I paid for both my room and the shuttle service with my credit card.


The view when I opened the door. It was pretty early in the morning.

The room was basic but clean, cool, and safe. I didn’t come for the room anyway, I came for the beach. When I woke up the next morning, I walked down the hallway, opened the door, and exited at the pool. Not 20 feet away was a beautiful beach with white sand, clear water, and little fish jumping around. There is also a small island that can be reached by walking over at low tide or kayaking.


Absolutely gorgeous.

I took a stroll down the beach and even tried to walk out to the little island. It was overcast the entire two weeks I was there, so the photos don’t look that great but trust me …  it was beautiful!


The time I tried to the island. The water started getting too high, so I quit. Lol

I was only able to stay that one night because I had to shuttle over to the Hyatt the join the rest of the team. I really enjoyed my time at the Hotel Santa Fe and I’d like to bring my family next time so the kids can enjoy this cute, small, hotel.





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