Tips for Visiting Guam


A client booked me to work in Guam for two weeks. I’m enjoying my time here and I’ve learned a lot already. Below are some of the things I’ve learned about visiting Guam.

#1 Get a rental car

A taxi from the airport to Pleasure Island is about $25 one way. If you want to see anything outside of Pleasure Island, it’ll cost you. I took a cab from the Hyatt to the Guam Museum and the meter said $32. Thirty two dollars! Rental cars on Priceline quoted me $40 per day. I’m sure you know what I did next.

20170115_130842#2 Decide how you want to vacation

Pleasure Island is nice but it’s in the middle of everything and it’s very busy. There are other, smaller resorts that you might enjoy. My first night on the island I stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe. It’s a small, old hotel that was just right for me. It is steps away from the beach. There is a little island that you walk through the ocean to when the tide is low. The service was great and the price was cheap. I’m at the Hyatt now. It’s everything you’d expect the Hyatt to be but …. it’s just not me. Know what’s important to you before you book a room.

#3 Flying through Japan is a pain

To save a few hundred dollars, I booked a ticket from LAX to GUM through Narita, Japan.  That route added on a few hours. I also didn’t realize that I’d have to go through security screening again in Japan and go through immigration and customs when I landed in Guam. Everything worked out well but if I had to do it again I might choose to go through Hawai’i.



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