Mark Benavente’s Mickey Necktie

guam-mark-benavente-mickey-mouse-necktieI’m on Guam for work and I’ve learned so much about the Chamorro people. I drove around the island and visited the Get Pa’go Cultural Village, the Chamorro Night Market, the Guam Museum, and I think I’ve read every sign/historical marker at every stop on the island. Most of it deals with what they call the “ancient” Chamorri. Imagine my surprise to open Island Time Magazine (a glossy magazine provided for tourists) and read about a guy taking the old ways of weaving and using them to make things for now ….  like Disneyland fans.

There is an article, “Weaving Strands of Tradition” about how he learned to weave from his grandmother (a local legend) and how we works with Guinahan Chamoru (I love the Chamorro people, I believe) but what really stood out were the images of the items he’s created. Of course, there were baskets, a hat, and bracelets, but I was surprised to see … a Mickey Mouse necklace! It says it’s a necktie in the magazine but it looks like a necklace to me. I love it, I love it, I love it!

We’re planning to go to Homeschool Day at Disneyland on Friday and all I keep thinking about it how nice it would be to wear this beautiful example of Chamorro art at the happiest place on earth!

I wasn’t able to get over to Guinahan Chamoru on this trip but I will be stalking this item on the internet until I find it. He does lots of other things too. Check him out on Instagram.



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