Crossing Into Tijuana By Land

Yesterday, I had the last minute idea to head over to Tijuana for lunch. The last time I visited Mexico, we drove so the process for entering and exiting was a little different. Last time, my car was broken into while in Tijuana. This time, we chose to park on the US side and walk over the border into Mexico.

Finding the Pedestrian Bridge


The first thing we had to do was find the land crossing point. After parking in the lot behind the Jack-in-the-Box we walked to the street and saw a stairway. We assumed that the was the way into Mexico and ….  you know what happens when you assume. Lol

After walking back to where we started, we asked someone at the money change station and were told that we would have to cross the street and walk behind the McDonalds. We were told that we’d see a bunch of folks and to just follow the herd. Well …  they were right. Once we crossed the street to the McDonald’s we noticed a few people walking through a passage between the McDonald’s building and the little market. Once we made a right turn to follow the path behind the market building, we joined the crowd of people and soon saw the sign that read “Mexico”.

Entry Into Mexico

I thought that was it, but we noticed signs inside that directed Mexican nationals one way and foreigners another way. We got in the line for foreigners and realized that we’d have to show our passports. I remember crossing into Mexico when you could just walk across and return with your valid US ID card. Not anymore.

Each of us took a turn with an agent. Mine pretty smoothly. He asked me why I was there (to eat dinner), how long I planned to stay (as long as dinner took), where I was eating (Mision 19), and I was on my way. My friend showed her Global Entry card (it’s to get into the US faster, not to get into Mexico and Canada) and was told that she had to have a passport to enter. She went back and forth a time or two before realizing that it was futile and forking over her passport.

The whole thing took almost an hour mostly because of our foul ups. Hopefully, our experience can help someone else get through a little faster.




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